MaNGA Tutorials

To help you get started unleashing the power of MaNGA, we have provided the following tutorials. These cover topics related to data format, visualizing and analyzing data, and frequently asked questions.

About MaNGA

If you are just beginning with MaNGA data, these tutorials will introduce you to the basics of MaNGA data and help get you started. For an overview and introduction to the MaNGA survey, please see the MaNGA survey page. There is also a Getting Started page with a useful quick reference to MaNGA terminology guide.

Using Reduced MaNGA Spectra

These tutorials cover how to look at the MaNGA reduced products, for example MaNGA data cubes or RSS files, or how to access the MaNGA catalog summary DRPall file.

Understanding the MaNGA Sample

These tutorials cover how to better understand the MaNGA target sample using the DRPall file. Also see the tutorial above on Using the MaNGA Catalog DRPall File.

Understanding MaNGA Derived Quantities

These tutorials cover how to look at output from MaNGA's Data Analysis Pipeline (DAP). The DAP produces derived analysis 2d MAPS and 3d ModelCubes

Using Marvin

These tutorials cover some basics on how to use the Marvin software for MaNGA. Tutorials are broken up into using the web portal in Marvin, accessing the reduced products from the DRP, and accessing the derived DAP output.