How Do I Download a MaNGA Datacube or RSS file For My Galaxy?

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The MaNGA Data Access page describes in detail how to download MaNGA datacubes, RSS files, raw data and intermediate data reduction pipeline products, and data analysis pipeline products from the SAS server either from the command line (e.g., rsync), or by browsing through the pages and downloading files individually.

The data access page also describes how to download the MaNGA DRPall file, which is the summary table for the MaNGA DR17 data. This table contains target and observational information (e.g., number of exposures, IFU size, identifiers), as well as galaxies properties taken from the NSA catalog, such as redshift and photometry.

You can also import the data using Marvin. See Marvin tutorials for more details about how to use Marvin, a visualization tool for reduced MaNGA spectra and derived quantities.