What is Marvin?

Marvin is a complete ecosystem designed for overcoming the challenge of searching, accessing, and visualizing the MaNGA data. It consists of three components: a Web App, a Python package of Tools, and an API. Marvin combines these components to provide a seamless experience when using MaNGA Data. A complete description of Marvin is available in the Marvin overview paper, Cherinka et al. 2019.


Designed to be sleek, simple, and intuitive, the Web is your front-end experience to search, explore, and visualize the MaNGA dataset. It is the gateway to entry into real astronomy data, with guides to help transition into more advanced programmatic operations.


An extensive suite of Python tools designed to give you complete programmatic control over the MaNGA dataset in a convenient way and publication-quality visualization. The tools allow you to access individual data files locally or remotely, as well as remotely query the vast MaNGA dataset and retrieve exactly the data subsets you want.


Brings the specific data you want directly to you. The API allows you to access the data remotely and integrate it directly into your science workflow scripts. It is the underlying technology behind the Marvin Tools ability to seamlessly deliver data to you.

Install the Marvin Python Client

To get Marvin, from inside a local terminal, type

pip install sdss-marvin

Try Marvin Web

To use Marvin Web, go to

Try Marvin in SciServer

Marvin is available on the SciServer Compute Platform. Log in to SciServer Compute, select the Marvin Compute Image, check the SDSS SAS Data Volume (which contains all public MaNGA data), and you're ready to go.
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