Marvin Web Tutorials

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In these tutorials we show you how to explore MaNGA data using Marvin Web. As the web is pretty much a visual tool, you can follow the instructions in these video tutorials, which highlight different ways of navigating MaNGA data on the web. We recommend reading through the Marvin Web documentation after these exercises, for a text-only adventure of the pages accessible in Marvin Web.

Note: These videos were recorded with an older version of Marvin Web. While some of the urls and displayed content may look different the overall instructions and workflow remain the same.

Exploring a MaNGA plate or individual galaxy using Marvin

In this video tutorial, we highlight how to access the basic information for the MaNGA galaxy 7443-12703. You can download this video here.

Note that to look up a galaxy, you need its plate and ifudesign, or MaNGA ID number. MaNGA observes multiple galaxies on a given plate (e.g. 7443), each with its own ifu bundle with a given ifudesign name (e.g. 12703). MaNGA galaxies are commonly referred to by its [plate]-[ifudesign]. The MaNGA ID is a unique identifier for each galaxy (e.g. 12-193481). Note also that a galaxy can be observed with two different plate-ifudesign configurations but will have only one MaNGA ID. If you are not familiar with this terminology, please have a look to them at the Survey Glossary.

Performing queries on the MaNGA dataset using Marvin

In this video tutorial, we highlight how to search the MaNGA dataset using a simplified SQL-like interface. You can download this video here.