Tutorials Overview

Welcome to the SDSS tutorials. If you are unsure about what type of SDSS data or which survey is best for your science, see the first section with links to the various SDSS data and surveys.

The sections following provide tutorials for these different data types and surveys.

If you have any problems accessing or using SDSS data products, please consult the DR17 Help pages.

Which SDSS data should I use?

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey is currently observing in its fourth phase (SDSS-IV). SDSS-IV, like previous phases, is organized into component surveys, each of which has its own unique science goals and techniques for observing and data processing. Because SDSS data releases are cumulative, data from all prior component surveys are available as part of DR17.

The tables below describe each component survey whose data are included in DR17. Use them to decide which dataset will best meet your needs. Once you know which dataset(s) to use, see the survey-specific tutorials in the next sections.

General information about how use SDSS data access tools to access any dataset is available in the DR17 Data Access section.

We hope that using these pages helps you find the data you need to do your amazing science!

Survey name Description Survey documentation DR17 data description
APOGEE-2 Infrared spectra of Milky Way stars APOGEE-2 survey Infrared spectra
eBOSS Optical spectra of galaxies, quasars, and Lyman-alpha forest eBOSS survey Optical spectra
MaNGA Integral field unit (IFU) spectra of nearby galaxies MaNGA survey MaNGA IFU spectra
MaStar Library of stellar spectra observed by MaNGA MaNGA stellar library description MaStar data
Survey name Description Survey documentation DR16 data description
APOGEE-1 Infrared spectra of Milky Way stars from SDSS-III APOGEE-1 survey Infrared spectra (included with APOGEE-2)
BOSS Optical spectra of extragalactic objects from SDSS-III BOSS survey description Optical spectra (included with eBOSS)
Imaging Sky images from the SDSS camera (SDSS-I/-II/-III) SDSS Legacy survey imaging Imaging data
MARVELS Interferometric spectroscopy search for extrasolar planets MARVELS survey MARVELS interferometry data
SEGUE Optical spectra of Milky Way stars SEGUE survey (SDSS-III) or
SEGUE survey (SDSS-II)
Optical spectra of stars (SEGUE)
Survey name Description Survey documentation Data description from SDSS DR7
Legacy Survey Optical spectra of all types of astronomical objects from SDSS-I/-II Legacy survey SDSS DR7 Legacy Survey data
Supernova Survey Multi-epoch imaging of supernova candidates Supernova survey description Supernova survey data access

Survey specific tutorials: SDSS-IV

For the current SDSS-IV surveys, here are links to each survey's tutorials and/or examples.

  • eBOSS tutorials: The data format in eBOSS is similar to that of BOSS, so we also refer the user to the BOSS tutorials below.
  • APOGEE examples: examples of how to get data from APOGEE-2 in various formats for science analysis
  • MaNGA IFU spectra tutorials: place with general MaNGA tutorials, how to download and find data, and some examples for simple data analysis
  • MaNGA DAP tutorials: tutorials for using the MaNGA Data Analysis Products in IDL, python, and Marvin
  • Marvin tutorials; Marvin, a data access and visualization tool for MaNGA, has both a web portal and python package for easy data analysis.
  • MaStar tutorials: IDL and python examples for how to use mastarall file and plotting a spectrum from the MaNGA stellar library