MaStar Special Stars

LSF Calibration Stars

MaNGAID '53-1342755' (HD 37828)

For calibrating the line spread function (instrumental broadening kernel, LSF), we have observed one special plate which includes one star that belongs to many other stellar libraries. Star HD37828 is included in the ELODIE library, the MILES library, and the X-Shooter Spectral Library. This star has MaNGAID='53-1342755' and was observed on plate 9676 with IFUDESIGN 12704, using very short exposure times.

According to the 3D dust map and the Bailer-Jones distance estimates based on Gaia EDR3 data, this star has an estimated E(B-V) of 0.12 magnitude. MaStar spectra have not been corrected for foreground extinction. One needs to correct the spectrum for extinction before comparing it with other extinction-corrected spectrum of it or with theoretical models.

Stars in Common with the MILES Library

We have observed the following stars in common with the MILES Library. The table below shows the correspondence. They can be used for cross calibration.

MaNGAID MILES Name Spectral Type (Simbad) MaStar spectra quality
53-1342755 HD037828 G8III good
60-1360409862848258688 M92_IV-114 good
60-1360410343884596096 M92_III-13 good
60-1821606783990508288 M71_S good
60-1821608437595882496 M71_1-09 good
60-1821608673781287040 M71_1-107 good
60-1821620424811789952 M71_1-77 bad
60-1995009835091027840 NGC7789-971(946) M3III good
60-1995012897413744384 NGC7789-342(502) B9 good
60-1995013820820672640 NGC7789-765(804) good
60-1995014684120094080 NGC7789-468(589) K4III good
60-1995014958997995520 NGC7789-859(853) K2III good
60-1995061928762465536 NGC7789-415(550) K5II good
60-2051287002031070208 NGC6791-R4 good
60-2051287173829740032 NGC6791-R5 good
60-2051292877546340864 NGC6791-R19 K7III good
60-2051293319920668160 NGC6791-R16 K9III good
60-3314213025787054592 HD285773 K0V bad
60-52624073910834176 HD284248 sdG0 good
60-604911375882674560 M67_F-108 good
60-64929391436043264 HD023924 A7V good
60-66715273197982848 HD023607 A7V good

Integrated Observations of Globular Clusters

In the MaStar project, we also obtained integral field observations of the cores of 8 globular clusters in the Milky Way: NGC4147, NGC5634, NGC6229, NGC6316, NGC6341, NGC6522, NGC6528, and NGC7078. These are observed using dithered observations like MaNGA. The targeting information and data are provided in the same format as MaNGA galaxy data. See this page for more details. For data access and data model, see the MaNGA data access page and the data model page.

Members of Star Clusters

We have targeted member stars of many open clusters and globular clusters as part of MaStar. These are very valuable for stellar parameter calibrations. At the moment, we do not have a comprehensive list of these targets. This may be provided in the future.