Available MARVELS Data

Here we provide a summary of the files associated with the different steps of the pipeline. This table contains links to the file format documentation (the “data model”) and templates that can be used to generate SAS URLs for those files.

Each rerun of the pipeline is archived in the SAS under a directory v###.## (known in the data model as the RERUN_VER), where ###.## is a number indicative of major and minor dataset or pipeline changes. A rerun could refer to running the pipeline on a different set of data, or it could refer to running a new version of the pipeline code.

FITS table files of radial velocity (RV) points are provided in the SAS. Each file contains the RV points for all the stars on one plate. These files also contain metadata and star catalog info. Files are organized by RADECID, which has the form RXXXDYYY where XXX is the right ascension of the plate in degrees and YYY is the declination in degrees. To associate PLATES, RADECID, and field names, you will need to query the CAS. For an example of querying to find out which PLATES (pieces of aluminum) are associated with a particular RADECID (pointing), see MARVELS Catalogs and Examples.

For downloading a large number of these spectra in a single step, see our bulk data access documentation. As SDSS data releases are cumulative, the DR11 and DR12 data releases of MARVELS are included in the most recent data release DR17.

Data release SAS location Description
DR11 FITS Data Models
(in the directory MARVELS/SPECTRO/REDUX/V001.88/RESULTS/)
Catalog of RV curves and metadata for one plate of observed stars.
DR12 Fits Data Models
Fits files of RV curves, diagnostic info, flags, and metadata for each observational field (platename).

Note: Please see Caveat Section for details on issues regarding STARNAMES and the Hipparcos catalog.