SPIDERS target selection catalogues

SPIDERS team, T. Dwelly, M. Salvato, A. Merloni, A. Finoguenov, D. Coffey, N. Clerc et al.

The SPIDERS Tier-0 target catalogs (Clerc et al. 2016; Dwelly et al. 2017), i.e. AGN and galaxy clusters candidates, were obtained by matching X-ray information from the ROSAT All-Sky Survey (RASS) and from XMM-Newton to multi-band photometric data.

The SPIDERS AGN target catalogs contain 9,028 candidate targets from RASS and 819 from XMM. They enclose information on the X-ray sources, including flux measurements, and a quantitative measure of the reliability of the association to optical and AllWISE (Cutrie et al. 2013)data. The counterparts to X-ray extended sources (galaxy clusters) were identified using a red-sequence finding algorithm adapted from RedMapper (Rykoff et al. 2014). The target list contains galaxies likely to belong to a galaxy cluster, as indicated by their color, distance to the center and luminosity. The SPIDERS Galaxy Cluster target list contains 94,883 and 3,839 objects for RASS and XMM respectively. We additionally provide targeting catalogs for the SEQUELS area, similarly constructed although differing in their association and selection methods.