For SDSS-IV Collaboration Members

This page is for members who are new to the SDSS-IV collaboration to briefly introduce how to get started with SDSS-IV. If you are a new member of SDSS-V, you should instead look for details of the SDSS-V Collaboration. For SDSS-IV, if you follow these simple steps and soon you will be able to:

  • Join mailing lists, where important information such as project and paper announcements, ancillary targeting calls, survey meeting details, job opportunities, and other things are announced.
  • Announce your own SDSS projects and publications
  • Join the discussion of ongoing decisions within the collaboration

Project which started before DR17 using proprietary access to data will still need to follow collaboration rules even after the data is made public.

To be an active member of the SDSS-IV collaboration, the first step is to get a wiki account. Here's how to do this

  • Register for a new account on for the SDSS wiki.
  • When you send an email to asking for approval, cc your Collaboration Council representative (CoCo), asserting that you are covered by an SDSS-IV data agreement.
    • You may look up the relevant person to cc on the Collaboration Council page. If your institution is not listed there then you are at an associate institution with < 3 slots or working with an external participant and should cc David Wake, who is your CoCo representative.
    • Mike Blanton approving your wiki account!
    • If you are suffering writer's block about writing the requested email, please cut, paste, and edit the following as needed:

      Dear Trac Admin,
      My name is XXX from YYY University and I would like to register for an SDSS-IV wiki account. YYY University is a full SDSS-IV member institution (or, I am working with Dr. QQQ who is an SDSS-IV member at the associate YYY institution, or whatever is appropriate) and therefore I have SDSS-IV data rights.
      My username is sdssisgreat.

    You can see whether your institution is a full member institution, associate institution, etc. here.

  • If you have not heard back from trac-admin in 2 days, then double-check that you remembered to include your username. If so, then please check in with If not, then send your request again, this time with your username.

Behind the scenes, our SDSS-IV Director, Mike Blanton, will be happily approving your wiki account.

To aid you in doing great science, here are some things to do from your wiki account.

  • Immediately sign up for mailing list . This is required of all sdss4 members. The number of messages averages 1 a day, but they are critical announcements of projects, publications, external collaborator requests, leadership opportunities, and collaboration meetings.
  • Also see if there are other relevant mailing lists you should join. Many of these mailing lists are very active. Key communications include announcements of times and agendas for telecons, notes from telecons, calibration, targeting, and data reduction and processing discussions. They are an immediate way to tap into the expertise of the collaboration
  • APOGEE-2, eBOSS (including SPIDERS & TDSS), and MaNGA each have their own Quick Start guides:
  • Look at these collaboration resources:
The Science Team Chairs for each survey, as well as the Science Working Group chairs for particular science areas within each survey, are very useful people to get in touch. They can help if you have questions about how your project fits in with other ongoing work in the SDSS-IV collaboration, to see if your particular skills are needed by a project, and in general if you have any questions about joining the scientific work within the collaboration. The current list of Science Leads can be found here. The relevant mailing lists are also an excellent place to get started, including for asking the question "How do I get the data I need to do this project?"
By following the above instructions, we think that you will soon be immersed in data and ideas. If you are having trouble accessing wiki, mailing lists, working groups, etc and the suggested steps are not helping, please email the SDSS-IV Spokesperson at, and she will be happy to help straighten things out.