FAST Team at LaGuardia Community College

Identifying Stellar Streams from APOGEE-2 and Gaia

Team Faculty: Allyson Sheffield, LaGuardia Community College
Team Mentor: Rachael Beaton, Princeton University
Team Students: Lenin Nolasco, Shawn Blackman, Samin Mahmood, Aidan Subrahimovic
Survey: APOGEE-2

Project Details

Identifying Stellar Streams from APOGEE-2 and Gaia
The Milky Way's halo is filled with substructures, including stellar streams from the tidal disruption of globular clusters and dwarf satellites. By combing SDSS photometry with astrometry from Gaia DR3 and chemical abundances from APOGEE-2, a fuller profile of the nature of stellar streams can be gained. In this project, we are assessing the membership and chemistry of several known stellar streams, including Jhelum and Palomar 5. Our goal is to identify new members of these streams while also gaining insight on their chemical signatures.‚Äč