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SPIDERS X-ray galaxy cluster catalogue for DR16

Nicolas Clerc, Charles C. Kirkpatrick IV, Sanna Damsted, Kate Furnell, Antti E Kukkola, Alexis Finoguenov, Johan Comparat, Ghazaleh Erfanianfar, Raffaella Capasso, Alex Saro, Gary Mamon, Jethro Ridl, Nelson Padilla, Tatyana Sadibekova

We provide the catalogue of X-ray detected galaxy clusters spectroscopically confirmed using DR16 SPIDERS spectroscopic data. Galaxy clusters were identified through the emission of their hot baryonic component as X-ray extended sources in ROSAT and XMM-Newton observations. The optical counterparts were found by optimally searching photometric data for the existence of a red-sequence formed by their member galaxies. Spectroscopic redshifts obtained by SPIDERS (DR16) provide confirmation of the clustered nature of these objects and their redshift (up to z~0.6).

We assigned cluster membership combining an algorithm and multiple independent visual validations of individual objects. The gas properties derived from X-ray observations (luminosity, R500 etc.) are derived using precise cluster redshifts and they provide an estimate of their total mass (median M200c ~ 5.1014 Msun.

This VAC is available as catCluster-SPIDERS_RASS_CLUS-v3.0.fits and contains the sample of galaxy clusters confirmed with DR16 spectroscopic data (5350 deg2) down to richnesses λOPT=10.

We recommend that you use the latest updated catalog (DR16) but previous versions of the this catalog are still available. The DR14 catalog covered 2500 deg2 down to richnesses λOPT=30, and is available on the SAS as catCluster-SPIDERS_RASS_CLUS-v2.0.fits.

In DR13, a related VAC was released containing the pilot sample of galaxy clusters confirmed in the 300 deg2 area of DR13 spectroscopy data, down to the lowest richnesses, For more details on this VAC, click here.