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eBOSS ELG-LAE Strong Lensing Catalog

Yiping Shu, Andreas Filipp, Sherry Suyu, Joel Brownstein, Michael Talbot, Li Ran

This catalog contains 144 candidate strong lens systems selected specifically from the emission-line galaxy (ELG) sample within the Data Release 17 of SDSS-IV. By construction, the lensing galaxies in this catalog are ELGs up to z=1.1, and the source galaxies are either Lyman-alpha emitters at z > 2 or [OII] emitters at z < 1.7. This catalog is complementary to the eBOSS Strong Gravitational Lens Detection Catalog constructed by Talbot et al. (2021), in which the source galaxies are all [OII] emitters.

Candidates in this catalog are selected using the algorithms presented in Shu et al. (2016a), which are based on an efficient method proposed by Bolton et al. (2004) that has lead to discoveries of more than 200 confirmed strong lenses (e.g., Bolton et al. 2008; Auger et al. 2009; Treu et al. 2011; Brownstein et al. 2012; Shu et al. 2016b).

A full description of the catalog will be presented in Filipp et al. (in prep).