Special Plates

For development and calibration purposes, we observed a number of specially-designed plates.

All-Sky Plates

A few plates were drilled with all science bundles and half of the flux-calibration mini-bundles on empty skies. These helped us evaluate the sky subtraction quality. We observed these plates multiple times on multiple cartridges to test the quality of each cartridges, and on different airmasses and sky brightness conditions.

  • Plate 7341
  • Plate 7342
  • Plate 7343
  • Plate 8069

Standard Star Plates

This plate was designed with all bundles on standard stars to test the flux calibration. It was observed during commissioning in March 2014.

  • Plate 7444

Commissioning Galaxy Plates

These two regular galaxy plates were observed during commissioning of the MaNGA instrument in March 2014. Two fiber bundles on plate 7443 are intentionally drilled offset from the target galaxy center to include a nearby star in order to assess the accuracy of the astrometry registration routine in our pipeline.

  • Plate 7443
  • Plate 7495

Repeated Plates

These two plate were drilled to have the same set of galaxies but different standard stars. They were used to check the flux calibration accuracy.

  • Plate 8256
  • Plate 8274